I was fortunate in this round of comments due to the fact that two out of three posts actually shared very similar concepts and then the third shared a very similar concept to my own project. 

I shifted my comments direction slightly due to the timeline we are now currently on. At this point within our projects, we already have our direction (or should). The iteration process has already begun, so I wanted to focus my comments on additional information they can use rather than a whole new direction recommendation. I believe that it’ll be increasingly more useful as it saves the content creator time if they have selected relevant sources handed to them rather than having to do the research themselves. 

There is no point placing yourself within a feedback loop only to not deliver relevant and sustainable information. I believe that giving sources that the content creator can actually use is something that I did within the previous round of comments and have also done within this round. It would be extremely easy to Google the topic name and copy and paste the link without actually doing any of the research yourself but at the end of the day, what’s the point when you want value within the comments you are receiving on your own work too. 

I tried to give a well rounded approach, placing both relevant sources and general feedback into one post. For example, within Mikayla’s work surrounding the female Twitch experience and their sexualisation, I mentioned that sub Reddits may give biased outcomes as a person looking at r/feminist is more likely to have one form of opinion. Within the same post, I gave Mikayla a link to the sexualisation of Lara Croft, a video game character, as I thought she could contrast Lara Croft with female Twitch streamers. 

To provide better feedback in commentary work for the future, I will try and personalise my comments to tailor the individual’s project. Feedback is not a “one size fits all” formula. So continuing to specialise my comments to better suit the content creator is the most imperative part of feedback production and development. Within a subject level, I want to be able to draw on additional lecture and reading materials as I tend to submerge myself within the topic at hand, rather than referring it to learning resources that already exist within a class setting. I tend to make the assumption that the project creator has already made the links between their work and the subject materials so I don’t particularly include it within my own feedback and recommendations. 


All in all, I learnt that thinking about what you would want in a feedback comment for your own work sets you up for success with what you bring to others. 


Be vigilant. Care. And remain responsive. 


Below are the links to the blogs I commented on as well as screenshots.

The Next: Micro-transactions in sports gaming by Jack Ridoutt

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 9.46.05 am.png


Loot Boxes – A new direction by Saxon Phillips

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.37.02 am.png

The taboo topic of the sexualisation of female streamers by Mikayla Stott

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 11.38.02 am

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